Vamos a La Playa


That’s right, we went to the beach!!!  On the weekends, Cameron and I have been able to get out and see more of Nicaragua.  They call it the land of lakes and volcanoes for good reason!  Managua, though not the most beautiful capitol city (in my own opinion) certainly does have some of the most beautiful scenery!  As we flew in on the plane there was a spewing volcano, and even on the motorcycle ride to the grocery store we pass Lake Managua.  Breathtaking!

Anyways, we went to La Boquita on my first weekend here.  THE BEACH!!!!!  Oregonians, can you believe there are beaches where the water is warm enough to swim?  Crazy.  It is still incredible to me that I can actually where a swim suit and not a rain coat when I stand next to the ocean.


We also went with all the volunteers participating the the AMOS Global Health Practicum to the Laguna de Apoyo.  This is a lake formed in the same way as our own Crater Lake in Oregon.  It is so deep that no one has ever been able to find out exactly how deep it is!  Later we went to another park to get a better view of the lake.  The colors of the nature were so bright it seemed unreal!




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