One added bonus of my trip to Spain was participating in a FLASHMOB! For anyone that doesn’t know, a flashmob consists of organized singing or dancing, that appears to be spontaneous. Thanks to Katie, our Student Ministries Coordinator, Kelsey and Audrey, some fellow students who helped organize and choreograph, and all the Acento and other students that danced, filmed, or participated in some way. The flashmob was so fun, and we really drew a crowd! Loved having this little dance fiasco on a Wednesday afternoon.

Un otra cosa de mi viaje a España es era la participación en un Flashmob. Si no sabes, un Flashmob es un canción o baile organizado con la apariencia ser espontáneo. Gracias a Katie, una coordinadora de Acento, y Kelsey y Audrey que ayudaban con el baile, y a cada persona que bailaba, o participaba en alguna manera. Era demasiado divertida, y con muchos espectadores. Que guay por la tarde en un miércoles!Click here

Click here for a video of our super fun FLASHMOB!


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