Though this is a bit belated (like all of my blog posts, honestly), my trip to Portugal deserves a little bit of recognition. Portugal is the most beautiful country I have seen so far. It is covered in green, surrounded by beaches, and has many cliffs overlooking the ocean. The weekend that we went was not supposed to have nice weather, but we were blessed by some sun.

The trip was focused on the outdoors, which was a much needed break from the city. I really didn’t realize how much I love nature and generally being outside in it until I came to Spain. Sevilla is a fantastic city to live in, but I do miss the opportunity to go hiking whenever I want to, or to look outside and see trees. Going to Portugal, I got my fill of both hiking and trees! We took a few hikes, relaxed quite a bit, and even tried surfing!

As my first surfing experience, I had a blast!!! We started with body surfing, then brought out our boards, and then finally tried to stand! I can’t say that it was a complete success for me, but I had a blast confronting wave after wave. It is incredible how powerful the ocean is! Not to mention that we were all wearing full wetsuits, which make anyone look like a superhero. And the fact that it was pouring down rain. Sometimes I have to pull out my Oregonian face and have fun in the rain, just the same.

We had a lot of time to lounge on the beach, explore, hike around, and play volleyball or soccer. I still cannot get over the vastness of the ocean, the lush beauty of the land, and even the mentality that we really were at “the end of the earth”. Portugal is on the top of my “Must Return to Soon” list.


In this moment I was really trying to sit and soak it all in, but someone made me smile for a picture.


This is the end of the world! I would have believed it.


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