Because I go for morning walks.


I spend my Holy Week traveling with two friends to Dublin, Ireland and London England. These two places are cities I could have spent weeks in, but we did our best to compact everything into a few days long trip.

We felt really at home with the English speakers, time frames, and customs that were very similar to our own, but definitely got a kick out of all the accents and different terms they use in the UK. Rubbish bin. Refuse bag. Porridge, not oatmeal. You get the idea.

Anyways, on our last morning in London my friends wanted to sleep in before we got on our last bus through the English countryside to the airport. Here is a little snapshot of the English countryside


It really does have fluffy ponies, and sheep, and spotted horses and cows. It amazes me that everywhere I go really does look like the postcard, and that these places are real and tangible.

Anyways, as my friends were sleeping in I decided to go find a little park (garden, as the would say in London) and read my book. I set out with my book, the typical Spanish translation of a John Green chick flick novel.

On my way, I walked by the river Thames, and moseyed through a park. I love that homey feeling being riverside gives me! Thanks, Willamette Valley.


Then I continued my way towards Westminster Abbey and the Parliament building. The architecture of these buildings is really cool! I spent some time sitting in the lawn enjoying the company of my book.


I kept walking around, taking in the sights and sounds of London, and enjoying a beautiful quiet morning. I was even asked for directions, the ultimate sign of looking knowledgeable and not intimidating! I always count it as a success if someone asks me for directions.

To all you readers out there (not just readers of this blog, but lovers of books in general), you understand how books can take you to a different world, with new places and people and experiences. I set out for a literary experience, but instead got a 3 dimensional moment that I couldn’t find in a book. My book became my travel buddy, just a reason to go on a walk. I suppose that books can take you on adventures whether they are open or closed.



One thought on “Because I go for morning walks.

  1. Denise Lowen

    Kate, I love your writing! You always make me feel like I am there with you experiencing what you are experiencing! London looks fabulous! So glad you had the chance to “feel a bit of English” after so many Spanish nights! I am glad you were able to have that refreshing “Willamette Valley” feel! I hope you have been refreshed so that your next two weeks go smoothly, and quickly! I CAN’T WAIT for you to get home!! Even though I know its going to be really short!!! I love you!
    Happy Easter! I LOVE YOU!

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