On another trip with my school, we visited Toledo. We stayed in the historic center of a the small town, surrounded by its city walls and complete with narrow, stone streets and alleyways. Here are some Toledo highlights:

1. The ABSOLUTE best experience was singing in the Monastery. As we toured the monastery with my classmates, our teacher Carmen asked somewhat jokingly if any of us could sing a Gregorian chant. i spoke up and said I knew songs in Latin, though they weren’t Gregorian chants. Because I spoke up, this happy music major got the opportunity to sing, solo, in an age old monastery. My classmates and teachers all were surprised and said they enjoyed it, but for me it was the idea of singing in a place where the same words had been sung many times before with such sentiment. I love the thought of traditions and songs that can be passed down to so many people and heard in so many places and times. I really do cherish being able to sing in the Monastery of Toledo.

2. Meeting an adorable old man that makes jewelry. Toledo is famous for their gold plating and inlaid gold, and it really is beautiful. Some friends and I happened upon a shop where a precious old artist showed us how he made the jewelry, offered us student discounts, and was incredible sweet and kind. He really made my trip, and we made his day by asking to take pictures with him.

3. Chasing the sunset. We were able to find a beautiful sunset and look over part of the city. Sometimes I think that life should be measured in the beautiful sunrises and sunsets you see.


1. La experiencia mejor de todo el mundo era cantando sólo en el monasterio. Durante nuestra tour, mi profesora de arte nos pregunto si alguien puede cantar algo de la música Gregorio. Y por eso, era valiente y cantaba sola en latín por todo mis compañeros. Que feliz estaba como un estudiante de música! Mis profesores y compañeras eran sorprendidos y le gustaban, pero para mi me encanta la idea de ser parte de la tradición de cantando palabras en latín que estaban cantado muchos veces antes que yo. Me encanta que era parte de una tradición, y era una bendición para cantar en el monasterio.

2. Conocí un viejo que fábrica la joyería. Toledo es famoso para un tipo específicos de oro, que es muy bonita. Era muy simpático y sacábamos fotos con el.

3. Mirando el cuando la puesta del sol. A veces creo que es mejor para medir nuestras vidas en cuantos vistas bonitas vemos.


My typical singing face. Cara típica de cantante.


The monastery where I sang! El monasterio donde canté.


The cute old man. El anciano simpatiquísimo.


One thought on “Toledo

  1. Cynthia McGladrey

    Hello Kate,

    What a beautiful life-singing experience! Way to be ready and share your vocal artistry in such an amazing place. So glad you were able to add your voice to the many who have gone before. Looks like a day of true beauty; thank you for sharing it with us.
    Missing, admiring and supporting you,

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