Sevilla v. Real Madrid


Let me tell you, attending a soccer game was one of my favorite Spanish experiences thus far. Futbol is a BIG DEAL here, as it should be. Just last night as I was walking home I could hear cheers from bars, homes, and people watching the game on their smartphones as they made their way through the streets. Sevillans sure love their soccer.

Emily and I showed up early to the game, and we encountered a crowd waiting outside. Apparently they were waiting for the bus that brings the players.


Everyone was already super excited. There were a bunch of police on horses and others keeping people away from the bus. Soccer is a serious matter. We were just happy to finally have our real tickets in hand.


We went in and found our seats, which were surprisingly a great view! Oh, I forgot to mention that the game started at 10:00 pm on a Wednesday night, which explains how it is possible to watch these games live from North America. The life of a Spaniard. Anyways, we ate our bocadillo picnic and watched the crowd fill in. And fill in it did! We we soon part of a Sevillanista army, the whole stadium full of red and white. Real Madrid didn’t even stand a chance.

The game itself was probably the best soccer I will ever see played. It was super exciting, and now I definitely believe that Spain has some of the finest soccer in the world. Because the game was in Sevilla, the entire crowd (minus a few choice Madrid fans) was rooting for the same team. Here each soccer team has an anthem, and the crowd sang together, chanted together, cursed together, and celebrated together. It was incredible being part of this overwhelming soccer experience. One new experience for me was their distraction tactic: everyone whistling at once, which creates an absolutely horrid sound.


Though I am not a Madrid fan, one bonus was seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the world’s most famous soccer players. He was there. IN PERSON. I just thought that was cool.

For the longest time, the game was tied 1 to 1, but SEVILLA PULLED THROUGH in the end. That is right, folks! Sevilla beat Real Madrid, the hotshots of the soccer world. I think I am converted into a Sevilla fan forever.



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