Ronda is a smaller town about 2 hours from Sevilla. It is the epitome of Spanish; the people, the white houses, the beautiful setting, the history of the town-all Spanish to the max.

Ronda es una pueblo casi 2 horas desde Sevilla. Es demasiado española, las casas blancas, el paisaje, y la historia.

I was privileged to get to experience Ronda (now one of my favorite places on earth) twice in the same week. Both experiences were unique and magical in their own way.

Afortunadamente tenía la oportunidad conocer Ronda dos veces en la misma semana. Los dos experiencias eran maravillosos en su propia manera.

My first trip was with the University of Sevilla choir. We had a concert in the Iglesia Maria Luisa, which I later found our was built in the 15th century and was where royalty used to watch the Corrido de Torros. My day began by chasing a trombonist down the street by my house, because the choir was very relaxed in its ourganization and I was hoping he was going to the same place as me and could help me find the bus. It turns out that he had no affiliation with our group. Whoops. Later, another American in the choir and I followed another choir member down the street and successfully located the bus! Our plan had been to wait for people in black clothes to walk by and follow them to where we were supposed to be. Foolproof.
Para mi primer viaje a Ronda, fui con el corro de la Universidad de Sevilla. Cantábamos un concierto en la iglesia María Luisa, del siglo XV. Al principio del día, no sabía nada sobre nuestra concierto: donde estaré, como llegare, absolutamente nada. Finalmente encontraba una otra americana del corro, y pensábamos en un plan buscar personas vestido todo en negro, y síguelos a nuestra autobús. Somos inteligentes.

Anyways, we explored the city a bit, and then went to the church for our rehearsal, and later concert. I have never performed in a mini-skirt, in a cathedral, frozen because stone does a GREAT job of keeping the Spanish heat outside, standing on a bench rather than risers, or with a Spanish choir. And it was beautiful, in many ways. What struck me was how I was in an entirely new place, but carrying on their tradition. This choir performs the same Mozart requiem at the same church every year. It was a well supported tradition, proved by each seat being full and audience members standing for the full duration of the Requiem, as well as the encore we performed (have you ever heard of an encore to a Requiem???). I was able to partake in this tradition, with people of a different nationality than myself, and in all walks of life, young and old. It was special to sing in a significant place with such significant people, and be a part in this significant tradition.
Explorábamos las ciudad un poquito, y fuimos a la iglesia para ensayar. Nunca en mi vida estaba en un concierto vestido en un mini falda, en una catedral, casi muerto de frío porque la catedral está construido de piedra, de pie en un banco, con un coro de españoles. Era tan bonita. Me encanta la idea de su tradición, y a mi me encanta ser parte de su tradición de cantar este réquiem de Mozart que cantan cada año en el mismo sitio.

The second trip, I went on a day trip with my school. Our grammar professor had explained to us that he never tires of visiting Ronda, and now I can see why. After a picnic lunch accompanied by two great guitarists playing Hotel California and Hey Jude in a Flamenco style (this really exists!), myself and two other friends decided to try and find the waterfall that was located under the bridge where we ate lunch. I had been starving for a piece of nature, and the green fields had already begun feeding my soul. I am so proud to be a part of this creation.
El viaje segundo fui con mi escuela. Comimos nuestros bocadillos con una serenata de Hotel California y Hey Jude en el estilo flamenco, dos amigas y yo buscábamos por una catarata del puente famoso de Ronda. Echo de menos la naturaleza, y en realidad el paisaje, el verde, y una aventura de la naturaleza era una necesidad para mi.

Little did we know, our trip to find the waterfall turned into a full-on, cliff scaling adventure! There are metal rungs in the side of the cliff that you can go down in order to get near the waterfall. The cliff went straight down, so we climbed straight down with it.

Once again, this is one of those “you had to be there to really understand” moments. But the combination of good company, the trust of my new friends as we scaled the cliff, along with the fact that I was wearing a skirt and hiking with my purse, surrounded by the most picturesque scene of Spain, really spoke to me. My friends mentioned how they often think of how much of life they feel like they are truly living in the moment and living to the fullest. My time outdoors and living in a spontaneity that I haven’t been able to easily grasp in Spain made me thankful to be alive and to have chances each day to truly live. We talked about the trust and encouragement we had in each other as we climbed, and how our grand hike was a metaphor for our lives each day in the way that there is encouragement through relationships, and safety in trust.
Era una experiencia que nunca voy olvidar. El sentimiento de confianza y seguridad de mis amigas nuevas en una situación inseguro era impresionante, y estaba en el momento en uno de los más bonitos lugares eh visto en mi vida. Con mi falda y bolsa, no era tan preparada hacer subir y escalar un acantilado, pero tenía una mentalidad de “carpe diem”.

My experiences are my own, but I am glad to have great and thought provoking people to share them with. Cheers to Kelsey and Audrey, who made me sore, scared, appreciative, and pensive. I look forward to thousands more days of truly living.
Mi experiencias son sólo mis experiencias, pero tengo ganas de estar en el momento exacto y tener más oportunidades espontáneos y impresionantes como eso.



2 thoughts on “Ronda

  1. Denise Lowen

    I still can’t believe you climbed the cliff especially in a SKIRT with your purse!!! 🙂 I am sure that was a sight to see! I love how you followed the people in black to find the bus! That just makes me laugh. 🙂 I can just imagine how it all happened. Again, what great life experiences you are having. I am so excited that you have found many new and wonderful friends and that “spontaneity” is becoming an everyday experience. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!
    You continue to be a great example to me! I love you!

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