La Escuela


School. I LOVE SCHOOL. Can I just say that again, because I haven’t had that sentiment for quite a while? I. LOVE. SCHOOL.

I go Acento de Trinity, made up of about 40 American students. We have classes entirely in Spanish, and a squadron of fantastic profesores.

My first class is Tres Culturas. It is a history class where we learn about the three cultures in Spain’s past: Christians, Muslims, and Jews. I am absolutely excited for this class because we get to visit some sacred sites right here in Spain! Also, I LOVE Islamic architecture, and we will be visiting a Mosque this Friday that I have been dreaming of seeing since my high school AP Art History class (shout out to Mrs. Hewitt!).

My second class is Gramatica. Grammar. Now, normally I hate grammar with a fiery burning passion, but it actually is my favorite class so far. My teacher, Salva, is one of those people that loves their job so much that there is nothing else they would rather do. And he is such a patient and kind teacher that even I have a hope of learning some correct grammar.

My third class is Arte, an art history class that focuses of the art of Spain. Picasso, Dali, Velasquez, not to mention that fantastic architecture that pops off of the buildings anywhere you look. The best part is that we get to see the artwork we are studying in person. Oh my goodness.

My last class is Cuentos, a literature class about short stories. I am hoping that this will help me read better in Spanish, but so far I have just convinced my teacher that I know nothing. I guess I’ll work on that…

Basically, I wish I had more school, more time with the super cool professors, and even more homework. Yeah, it sounds crazy, I know. It is such a blessing to learn culture, history, and language in a welcoming context with my peers. So here’s to taking advantage of every educational moment!



2 thoughts on “La Escuela

  1. Mark Lowen

    What did you do with my daughter???
    SHE WANTS MORE HOMEWORK…I suspect she has been abducted by aliens and is now in route to another galaxy.

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